3 Month Earring Club Suscription

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$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Earring of the Month Club Subscription:  Treat yourself or someone you love to a fun surprise in their mailbox each month!

This subscription brings you the finest of handmade original jewelry from talented jewelry artist Cathy LaClair.  Each month Cathy handpicks a high quality hand fabricated, by her only, set of earrings to send out to you. Every set of earrings will be 100% Sterling Silver with Natural Gemstones and Pearls.  Each box is gift wrapped with care to be opened and delight its owner.

Short term – easily giftable earring packages are available. The longer the period the better the deal.

Purchase a :

3 Month subscription = $150


On the first of every month your handmade silver earrings will be packaged and shipped out. They will arrive beautifully packaged and lighten up your day or your special someone’s day.

Gifting jewelry makes people feel special and loved over and over. When they go to wear it and put it on getting ready for their day or evening, they are reminded of where it came from and who gave it to them. The story lives on and gets passed down through generations.  This is why I love to make jewelry……Cathy 



How to sign up:

Purchase this 3 month suscription and sign up the name and address that you want it sent to. It's that easy.  A gift subscription brocheure will be delivered explaining the gift and who it is coming from along with the first set of earrings. At the beginng of the next two months they will receive another pair.