Meet Cathy

About Cathy LaClair - Vermont Jewelry Designer

cathy-soldering.jpgBorn and raised in Vermont, I first pursued my artistic ability in the comfort of my home under the guidance of my highly skilled crafty mother Mary Young. While handmade art was always a passion in my life, I pursued and excelled at a career with IBM for 24 years.

In 2000, I made my first pieces of jewelry: I strung pearls for my wedding party. I was instantly hooked and making jewelry has been a passion of mine ever since. In August of 2011, I decided to make a shift in my career direction and retired from IBM to become a skilled goldsmith and live my passion full time. 

Currently, I have a working studio in a img-0291.jpglarge converted dairy barn at Shelburne Pond Studios in Shelburne, Vermont. This remote beautiful landscape, abundant wildlife and nature inspire me to create natural depictions of my surroundings.



I am inspired to work with Freshwater Pearls, and Natural Gemstones. I love the coolness of their touch on my skin, the smooth or rough textures, and the multiple numbers of colors and patterns found within our world. I make unique pieces that draw attention to the natural beauty of the stone and the wearer. I strive to make pieces that fit great on your body, so you love the way they feel and experience joy while wearing them.

In 2009, I took my first metalsmithing workshop where I discovered the art of the goldsmith. Again, I was in awe and hooked. Now, I am a practicing goldsmith who's forming metal , learning how it moves, and always striving to create the perfect piece..


I am very thankful for being a goldsmith and it brings me great joy to create these pieces. I hope that joy moves forward to my customers and they feel beautiful when they walk through this world every day, because we all deserve to feel beautiful.