Party Central

 Earn rewards up to 25% in FREE JEWELRY!

Be a party Hostess and enjoy good friends having fun adorning themselves with jewelry! Guests try on a range of jewelry and Host a Party!get honest feedback from the people they trust.

When do you get a chance to deal with the Artist on style, color , and custom fit? Enjoy the feeling of well made handcrafted jewelry custom sized to fit your body just right! If it feel right you will love wearing it!

Being a Host is easy.

Schedule a date and send out provided invitations! Cathy will show up, setup and engage your group!

Your friends will remember your fabulous evening out every time they wear what they got !    

Hostesses have the opportunity to receive up to 25% of their total party sales just for having a party!

Party's Total Sales% Credit EarnedFree Jewelry Earned
$0.00 to $249.99 10.00% $0.00 to $25.00
$250.00 to 499.99 15.00% $38.00 to $75.00
$500.00 and Up 25.00% $125.00 and Up

Booking Bonus : For every party booked at your party that is scheduled and held within 60 days of your party you will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to Cathy LaClair Jewelry Design!